19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

19 Karen Ave, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218

Many gallery models work on an “exhibition basis” in that an artist is represented by the gallery by way of agreement and is then invited to show a body of work as part of a solo or group exhibition at some point. The work on display in the gallery daily is usually the work produced for these exhibitions and it remains there until such time it is sold. Most galleries do not have capacity or resources to hold stock, therefore what you see on the walls is what you get. When it comes to pricing however this is often not the case…

Some galleries withhold prices from general marketing platforms and to obtain the cost of work, collectors must make an enquiry where the gallery often qualifies and screens buyers before releasing information. This model is promoted and popularised based on exclusivity but often ultimately serves the gallery – not the artist or buyer. However, with over 700 m2 of space and a fully temperature-controlled carpeted stock room we do things a bit differently.

Our model is to not only host solo and group exhibitions throughout the year for a variety of both represented and invited artists, but to also carry pieces outside of exhibition – as soon as our artists are able to offer it. This ensures we carry the most current work and enables us to offer our collectors a wider range of established and emerging artists from around the world, because we are not placing demands on artists to produce large bodies of work within a finite period.

Diversity and inclusivity within the contemporary art sector is our thoroughfare; for artists, collectors and spectators alike. Why? Because there is a wealth of great original art out there that deserves to be seen, and a wealth of people who deserve to buy it. Period.