Art Gallery of Ballarat

40 Lydiard St N, , Ballarat VIC 3350

The Art Gallery of Ballarat is the heart of the creative city of Ballarat. A place for Ballarat to look beyond everyday life; to be inspired and engaged by art. Nineteenth-century beliefs placed the Gallery at the centre for social contact, inclusion, and learning. Much of the context has changed over time, yet the central truth of the Gallery’s original manifesto ‘Not for self but for all’ is as relevant today as it was then – the Gallery exists for its audience.

Our purpose is to reflect the story of Ballarat; past, present and future. To champion audience experience and the accessibility of art. We tell the stories of ‘now’, by looking back, looking forward, looking inward, looking out.

We bring together audiences from all over Victoria, Australia and the world. We foster a community of practicing artists locally and invite their engagement and vision to express the Ballarat of today. We partner with art researchers and educators to offer insight and access to our living record.

We lead with the needs of audiences – the people of Ballarat and beyond.