Arts Therapy Co

Upper Coomera QLD 4209

I’m Marja-Liisa, an experienced Arts Psychotherapist (Masters in Mental Health Art Therapy), with a passion to help others live lives of authenticity, self connection and creativity.

I am experienced working with:

children, young people & adults with mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, grief and loss

clients with ASD and ADHD

clients who have experienced trauma

clients recovering from addiction

NDIS self/plan managed clients

mothers experiencing the challenges of mattressence

clients navigating life transitions such as divorce, career change, relocation

corporate teams & retreats seeking wellbeing support

arts companies seeking community engagement that touches the heart

I believe that, with a little creative support, we can access our own internal wisdom.

Creative play let’s us look at our stories from new angles, supporting our heart and mind, while the process of art making supports our nervous system to rest. All together, we allow ourselves to feel fully expressed, and gain tools to cope better with the challenges that life brings.

Using a range of art materials and drama therapy tools, I’m here to support you in your creative play.